Thursday, August 25, 2011

此地无银三百两. (There is no 300 tales of silver buried here.... YEAH RIGHT!)

Tony Tan's sons refute online allegations on NS record
By Zakir Hussain

Dr Tony Tan's three sons - Peter, Patrick and Philip - have described as 'lies' allegations concerning their National Service that have been circulating on the Internet and reinforced by their father's opponents over the past few days.

In a statement early this morning, they said: 'Our reputations and the institution of National Service have been maligned, simply to attack our father, Dr Tony Tan.

'We fulfilled all obligations in accordance with the rules, regulations, and deployment policies of Mindef (the Ministry of Defence)'.

They also said: 'Like all other Singaporeans, we are proud to have served Singapore during our National Service'.

Dr Tan's sons, aged 45, 42 and 35, have been the subject of insinuations that they were given special treatment during their NS stints even though they were combat-fit.

Dr Tan was defence minister between 1995 and 2003.

These claims were also alluded to by speakers at the rallies of Mr Tan Jee Say and Mr Tan Kin Lian on Tuesday and Wednesday night respectively.

Last month, Dr Tony Tan described as 'false rumours' online talk that he helped his son Patrick avoid NS by arranging for him to do medical research work.

He said then that all three of his sons had served their NS fully and he never intervened in their postings, and that he was 'deeply disappointed' by these online allegations.

Then just give us the raw facts and the people of Singapore can decide whether you are lying or not.

Look like a desperate attempt to save Daddy.

Can the Peter, Patrick and Philip tell us what is their PES Status in NS and what is their rank and vocations during NS and when is their enrolment dates, disruption dates and ROD’s dates?

And tell us beside them who else hold these special vocations if so.

Also tell us how many in-camp cycles did they gone through please.

Tony doesn’t have to intervene in his sons posting. His Generals had done it for him. Can Tony say none of his son’s superior during NS time knew they were his son?

If you are an aspiring Officer in the army and will you screw your Boss’s sons or will you choose to treat them super nice so that your rice bowl will not be jeopardised?

The answer is obvious my friends.

Gosh Tony is digging his own grave here. We all know there are always some special treatments for white horses in NS and accepted it as a way of life. So please stope treating us as idiot and try to lie, it makes me sick!

I have served NS and seen enough.

Note some people never serve also became MP. So Tony why you so worry Singapore get to know your sons got special treaments in NS?