Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Pre National Day thought.

I enjoy travelling.

I love the taste of the food and drinks, the smell of the air in a foreign land, observing the behaviour of the locals and I do treasure all these experience.

After been an avid traveller for so many years, I could help to compare the countries I have been to with my county by birth Singapore.

Every county has its pros and cons, including Singapore.

I must say the little red passport is indeed one of the best in the world where you are saved on the hassle of visa in most country in the world. (Trust me those that still required Visa are countries I certainly will not like to end up in)

When I was younger I realised Singapore has more pros then cons when compared to the countries I visited.

But I gradually began to see the scale is being tipped.

With decade of economy growth and policy change I realised the Singapore of today is totally different from what it was.

Yes we may be one of the richest, safest, cleanest countries in the world but do we have a high quality of life?