Monday, August 22, 2011

PAP dirty politic

Chen Show Mao banned from attending 7th month dinners with residents by Paya Lebar CCC
Temasek Review

Workers’ Party MP Chen Show Mao has been banned from attending Seventh Month dinners in his Paya Lebar division of Aljunied GRC by the Paya Lebar CCC (Citizens’ Consultative Committee is under the People’s Association)!

The Seventh Month dinners are organized yearly in Singapore during the Seventh month of the Chinese Lunar calender to celebrate the ‘Hungry Ghost Festival’. They are usually held in open fields and courts which are under the purview of the People’s Association.

In a note posted on his Facebook yesterday, Mr Chen wrote that the organizers were not allowed to use venues in their neighborhood if they invite their MP to the event.

“The last such dinner I was scheduled to attend took place last week, a few weeks after the organizers called to let me know that they could no longer have me show up at the event as they had originally hoped. The organizers as in previous years had planned to hold the festivities on a hard court in the HDB estate, but this year were told by the Paya Lebar CCC that, as a condition for receiving CCC approval to use the venue, they may no longer invite their MP to the event. Future approvals will be withheld from errant organizers.”

However according to one Aljunied resident, ex-Aljunied MP Cynthia Phua had attended such dinners during her term as PAP MP in the last ten years and there was never any issue with the CCC.

One Aljunied resident Wilson Pang whose father is a member of the Seventh Month Organising Committee for the Blk 18 Hougang Ave 3 first highlighted the matter to Mr Chen on his Facebook two weeks ago:

“While applying for the permit this year, they were informed by the PA that they will only be allowed to use the open space if opposition MPs did not participate in any of the activities. Mdm Cynthia Phua, as MP for the ward, has always participated in the celebrations and been present at the dinners in previous years.”

“It pains me that they felt so embarrassed to pass me the news. Regrettably, this is not the first time it has happened since I was elected,” he added.

In contrast, PAP MP Tin Pei Ling attended a 7th month dinner in Aljunied Crescent (under Marine Parade GRC) last night and even made a speech on stage.

Ms Tin also attended a 7th month dinner in MacPherson on 11 August 2011:
Why are PAP MPs allowed to attend 7th month dinners to mingle around with their residents but not non-PAP MPs? How are they supposed to perform their duties as MPs if they are not given the opportunity to know their residents better?

The People’s Association is supposedly a statutory board funded by taxpayers’ monies, but has been ‘converted’ to become the PAP’s de facto ‘grassroots’ branch over the years.

CCCs, CCs and RCs are usually led by PAP branch secretaries and members. In the case of Aljunied GRC, losing PAP MP Ong Ye Kung was appointed as an ‘adviser’ of its grassroots organizations though Aljunied voters had clearly rejected him in the May election.

Speaking to a delegation of visiting Chinese officials two years ago, PAP supreme leader Lee Kuan Yew boasted that “all CCCs, CCs and RCs are part of the PAP.”

While Aljunied residents are not allowed to invite their elected MPs to grace their 7th month dinners, RC boards are allowed to hang banners of PAP-endorsed presidential candidate Tony Tan.

With the CCCs, CCs and RCs under the iron-fisted control of the totalitarian PAP regime, it will be an impossible task for Singaporeans to vote the PAP out of office via the ballot box in the future especially with the increasing number of new citizens the PAP is currently recruiting into these “public” organizations funded by taxpayers’ monies.

The incumbent has never failed to amused and disgust me with their unfairness, under the belt shot at their oppositions, their childishness, their arrogant and their total lack of connection with the ground.

Yet again the Men In White are doing themselves harm but making life hard for the Worker Party MPs to work in their wards.

For GOD’s Sake, just let them do their job and be treated with dignity and fairness as may I remind the incumbent that they did win the Votes of the people of Singapore to be in parliament. Not like that MG Chan whatever who piggy backed his way into parliament and has been talking cock since.

OK and thanks for the reminder on how ridiculous Tin Pei Ling is and how amazingly she got away with the cooling off day incident. Now whenever I seen a Kate Spade bag I will have a vision of bimbo Tin with her Kate Spade bad and the V post. (GOSH this is your MP People of Macpherson!)

A person with good integrity and has the heart to server the people of Singapore should be in the parliament of Singapore no matter what political party he or she is from.

These little moves by the PAP is only making the party look worst and lost more vote from Singaporean and I do hope your Tony won’t moving in to Istana despite all the advantages he got.